Steves 1.18s1 firmware kk2.1 download

steves 1.18s1 firmware kk2.1 download

steves 1.18s1 firmware kk2.1 download

 · I flashed my KK2.1.5 stock board to Steveis latest firmware V1.18S1 on stock settings and all I can say is WOW. It used to fall out of the sky and do some funny rotations and pulse the motors like crazy. Much smoother now, I will be adding my SimonK ESCs now for even better performance. Thanks Steveis for the awesome firmware. T.Bennett

 · Steve dp106. Site Sponsor; Hero Member; Posts: 1,120; Logged; Re: Steveis KK2.1 firmware. Thursday,February 20, 2014, 21:55:05 #7 Quote from: robshaw on Friday,February 07, 2014, 22:25:50 Just finished and flown the maiden of a turnigy talon tricopter. My first tricopter and my first kk board. I flashed it with Steveis v1.11. I completed the basic setup procedures and went for a fly. All I …

 · Testing the KK2.1 with Steveis 1.8S1 firmware. The stock FW that comes with the board (1.5) and the new one hobbyking released (1.6) are both useless for acro. A huge thanks to Steve for all the ...

 · Page 6-Discussion KK2.1 V1.18S1 Updated Firmware & Manual R/C Blogs

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 · Hi, I am about to update my kk2.1.5 firmware to 1.18s pro, I am using a Spektrum AR8000 receiver with a spektrum sat. Can I connect only the sat to the KK2.1.5 board (instead of using the full-size Rx and the sat?)? Does it require me to move some channels around? Any pictures or can you give me a description how?

HW Version 2.1.X SW Version 1.18S1 Pro Steveis V1.18S1Pro changes since V1.17S1Pro for KK2.1.X a) Added board offset of -90, +90 & 180 degrees. b) Added new self level setting to be Always On (Aux, Stick & Always) c) Added receiver channel 8 to receiver sliders (only visible/available for CPPM and SBus). d) Now allows you to switch between SS & PI profiles when self level is set to "stick". e ...

 · KK2.1 V1.19S1 Updated Firmware & Manual. I've update the Pro version with a contrast feature for the EVO board and have added a new self level option called "None" that disables the accelerometer if you have a faulty one so you can still fly in acro mode. Pro version updates are: a) Added LCD contrast adjustment under Misc. Settings 3 b) Added self level option NONE which …

 · I'm trying to set up the KK2.1.5 board from and they claim it is flashed with the latest V1.19S1Pro firmware. The problem is the motors never spin up after the board is armed. The control functions all look good (throttle moves from …

 · KK 2.1.5 with hextronik firmware is rubbish. Enough to say that me, first time pilot, can hover better in acro mode than self level mode on that board. I've bought "RTF" 450 quad. HK tuning was rubbish, after string tuning I'm running an nearly double P and less than half I compared to HK "tune" update -

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